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Be seen. Be heard. Stand out from the crowd.

Take the hassle out of setting up your online presence and get on with rocking to your own tune.


Access my mini manifesto on the perfect website:

The Rockstar Package

We'll start with a custom, hand coded, website that showcases your talents beautifully. It will be Search Engine Optimized, secure and mobile-friendly. 2-5 pages of content, integrations with newsletters, social media links, and a sweet contact form are all included.

Just £595

Hand crafted bespoke websites

If you're not sure what you need, or if you know that you need more than The Rockstar Package above, then we can plan a solution that's just right for you. Get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

From £1495

Early Stage Starter Websites

Just getting started and don't have the resources to invest in The Rockstar Package? Just go for a classy, one-page, mobile-friendly website that does everything you need and nothing you don't.



"This was my first time working with a web developer and I wasn't sure how to communicate my vision for the site, but Al really took the time to get to know me, understand my business, and ask the right questions to get the information he needed to create a site that not only met my needs, but far exceeded my expectations and brought my vision to life."

Tracey Minutolo
Side Hustle Coach

"I was beyond frustrated trying to set up my own website with Wix. It was a huge energy drain and an expensive delay. Al made the whole experience easy and didn't make me feel stupid because of my lack of tech knowledge."

Kelly Boyles
Massage and Energy Therapy

"Before I hired Al I thought creating my own website would be such a long term project that I wouldn't be able to commit to and it would get put off until later. Instead, my site is even better than I expected and completely aligned with my vision for what it would be - and such a quick turnaround! Al was wonderfully responsive at every juncture, providing help and guidance along the way."

Jonny Kowal

Hire me

Hi, I'm Al

Al Clunnie

I'm a passionate web developer and through RockStar Web Presence I create awesome looking, mobile-friendly websites for who don't have the time or the inclination to DIY their website, and don't want to pay ridiculous fees to a big agency that's just in it for the money.

People ask me why I work with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, instead big companies that the big bucks to throw around on fancy websites and mobile apps.

The answer? Because I am one. I understand what it's like to be starting from scratch, counting the pennies and trying to do everything myself. And the fact is, just getting a little help from someone like me can make the world of difference. That's why I started RockStar Web Presence - so I could work with who I want, when I want, where I want. Oh yeah, and wearing what I want - which most days is shorts.

I've worked with people who have been procrastinating about their website for months or years, and had them set up, online and dancing for joy within days, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a big agency. Does that sound familiar?

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Access my mini manifesto on the perfect website: