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Boyles Massage & Energy Therapy, llc

Alternative & Holistic Health Service in Kunkletown, PA

Soothe tired muscles! Calm the busy mind! Relaxation massage and energizing Reiki sessions tailored to your needs! By appointment only.

Eldred Community Center, 516 Kunkletown Road
Kunkletown, PA 18058
(570) 807-8426

What I do:

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish relies on long, flowing strokes, moving toward the heart. Cultivate a relaxed approach to each day. Soothe both muscle and mind by making massage therapy part of your self-care plan!

30 minutes = $30; 45 minutes = $40; 60 minutes = $50

Reiki Treatment

Reiki relies on chi energy being directed to the recipient, who only absorbs what is needed. No disrobing! Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. Energetically, like coming home!

30 minutes = $30; 45 minutes= $40; 60 minutes = $50

Bamboo Fusion

Heated wooden tools invite better circulation and melt away tension. Free toxins, and enjoy a fuller range of motion. Feel stiffness fade and flexibility return. Book in advance!

30 minutes = $35; 45 minutes = $45; 60 minutes = $55


Heat Wave Stones

Like Japanese Hot Stone, but no disrobing! Heated, glazed ceramic tools glide over your loose clothing. Penetrating heat warms and unwinds knotted muscles. Book in advance!

30 minutes = $35; 45 minutes = $45; 60 minutes = $55

Distance Reiki Treatment

Effective, legitimate therapy without leaving your home? Yes! From my location to yours, focused intent and intuitive skill direct energy. Don't let mobility issues keep you from beneficial treatment!

45 minutes = $40; 60 minutes = $50

On-Site Chair Massage

Turnkey system arrives fully stocked! Perfect for monthly employee relaxation. Boost staff productivity by enhancing wellness. Please request a detailed quote for your event, opening or celebration!

Priced per event only


My Story:

A vision, twenty years in the making!

When I began massage therapy school in 1997, the immediate goal was private practice. Who could have guessed that instead, I'd spend nearly fifteen years in resort spa massage?

Those years finely honed my skills as only an outcall, location-based spa business can do. I consider the first decade of strictly room calls, and the next five in a proper spa, to be my baptism by fire!

Since that first Shiatsu class, I've logged over 1000 hours of class time training. My mix of modalities is designed to offer you both flexibility and value. My priority? Helping you reach your progress benchmarks.

Perhaps helping others improve their health is in my blood! My grandfather and great-grandfather were both distinguished dentists. My father, an ENT surgeon in practice for fifty years, was one of the top allergy specialists in the nation. So I am proud to put my own spin on the Boyles family legacy of healing!

Are you fed up with do-nothing tests, and go-nowhere protocols that don't help you feel better? You deserve to begin again, from a fresh perspective! Let me help you take back control of your health!

Now that my private practice has a new home at the Eldred Community Center, I look forward to attaining lasting results for ongoing clients.

I invite you to look over my menu! You'll find uncomplicated services, performed with compassion and skill, designed to help you feel better, get more done, and enjoy your life more fully!

How may I help you? Please call to schedule your convenient appointment today!


Add one of the following mini-treatments on to a core service above

Mini Face Massage

Gentle pressure on facial acupressure points opens up energetic channels. Massage strokes increase circulation to the face. Emerge focused and refreshed!
15 minutes = $15

Mini Hand Massage

Recharge those overworked hands! Massage strokes bring soothing relaxation. Key reflex zones and shiatsu points are addressed. Feel stiffness fade while tension eases.
15 minutes = $15

Mini Foot Massage

Within the feet is a map of the human body. By pressing corresponding reflex zones, we help restore balance throughout. Give sore, tired feet the relief they deserve!
15 minutes - $15

Heat Wave Stones

Targeted attention to your most stubborn trouble spots! Melt away tension and stress. Finally reduce chronic pain. Book in advance!
15 minutes = $15

Reiki Burst!

An energizing battery recharge! Let pure life force energy pour through and balance your chakras. Ideal for opening or closing any session!
15 minutes = $15

Other info:

A few things you should know:

Pregnancy Precautions

Because these services involve heated tools, Bamboo Fusion and Heat Wave Stone sessions will not booked during pregnancy. If booking mini hand or foot massage during pregnancy, please advise.

Scent-Free Zone

This therapy room is designated scent-free. No aromatherapy is offered. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or colognes to your sessions. Your cooperation is appreciated!


Services for relaxation only. No diagnosis or cure is promised or performed. For your safety, you must advise LMT of any and all medical conditions. When in doubt, call your doctor or 911.

Terms & Payment

Gift certificates available! Please mention when booking. Payment due after services rendered: Cash, check or PayPal only. Kindly cancel with 24 hours notice. Thank you for your patronage!